Scribble Share: A New Friend Is in Town

I have two older brothers.  I get along extremely well with them, and I love their families to pieces.  One of them will be living far away for a year; left yesterday evening.  So I came up with this new little thing I am calling a “Scribble Share”…

A few days ago, I scribbled down this anecdote with some markers, and thought I would share it today, along with a few photographs.





photo 1.PNG


photo 2-4


photo 3-3


photo 4-4


photo 5-3


photo 1-3


photo 1-5




photo 2-5


photo 3-4

… Carlita is great with people, and loves kids.  Unfortunately, she is not so keen on other animals, which means walking her is not always as relaxing as one would like!

photo 5-4


photo 4-5


photo 1-6

I have to give my son credit, he has stepped up and is taking the dog for walks, and being very helpful.

…and he is already asking for his own dog for next year. (❕)

photo 2-6

Below, Carlita dries off after a swim in a pet-friendly beach.  I guess she needed to relax after seeing so many other  dogs!


Is that a squirrel?


If you think you might want to do a scribble share, have a go at it!  It’s pretty fun to do.  Please link it back here, I would love to check it out. 😃