We All Long For Home, Whatever It May Be.

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

~ Maya Angelou

We each have our own idea of what home means, what or who we associate with it, and where it can be found. Some of us have arrived home already, some of us have left it behind, some us are still seeking to define it – to understand what it means to us. Home can be a changing reality that leaves a permanent imprint in our souls as we journey through life. All of us long to find a home: it may be a place, a person, a vocation, a theology. There is no right or wrong definition of home. It’s an exploration that, like all of the deepest truths in life; you know when you’ve truly found it.

Homehurrah.com is all about this quest. It is a place where we think about home in all its facets: what home is, how the idea of home is expressed, and how our activities at home improve our lives. I am fascinated by this topic, and look forward to sharing this venture with you.


Home, Life, and Living.

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How to Find Your Way Home Through Your Vocation

“Success, Failure, and The Drive To Keep Creating”

– The title of Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk

I want to share the following TED Talk that I heard recently. In it, Elizabeth Gilbert explores a wonderful definition of the word  home; the idea of your vocation as your “home”. She tells how, in the face of both failure and success, she was able to restore herself by dedicating herself to her truest vocation – writing.

A Good Reason to Do What You Love

Some people might not have that  desire to focus on a single vocation.  Still, the wisdom of Elizabeth’s words can be extended to offer this advice:

If we ever feel lost, we can find our way back home through the things and activities that give our lives the most meaning

There have been long periods in my life when I was not doing creative work regularly, for a number of reasons, including being too busy working on my career.  In those times, I would often focus on walking (sometimes running) and connecting with nature, reading, writing in my journal, and focusing on causes about which I feel passionate.  Spending time with family, and getting advice from them, was also a big help. These activities were meaningful to me and helped me to find answers to the questions or challenges I faced. In many ways, those meaningful activities probably brought me back to my creative endeavours.

What activities help you release stress and refocus your energies?

By the way, I have never read Eat, Pray, Love, or any of Gilbert’s work, but I am now adding her to my list of author’s whose work I should check out.

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