Little Family Traditions

Do you have any special traditions that you like to follow in your home?

If you were to ask me whether my family does, my first response would be, “Nah, not really”.  But when I start to think about it, I realize that we do.  A lot of little traditions have evolved naturally through the years that my husband and I have been together: little rituals that signal the start of the weekend, and small customs that celebrate each season.  This brings me to last weekend.

We finally put up our Christmas decorations!  Now, I will admit right off the bat that my Christmas decorating is probably not what most would call ‘chic’.  But I do think it is kind of… sweet, and there is a cool story behind my beloved artificial tree and pretty much every decoration on it.

Years ago, when my son was still a baby (rather than the 13 year old teen who towers over me today!), my aunt offered us her Christmas tree.  The timing was perfect.  She was ready to let the tree go, and we had just decided that we needed to buy one.

This was a special tree, too.  In my youth, our whole family had spent many a Christmas Eve by it-  eating delicious meals, laughing, opening gifts.  So, naturally, I enthusiastically accepted the gift.  My aunt also gave us the decorations.  This collection continues to grow with the passing years, consisting of a variety of ornaments that were given as gifts, hand-crafted by my son, family and friends, and also some season-end purchases.

Every year, we put on Christmas carols, break out the eggnog, and start to… ahem… construct the tree.  Yeah.  That’s the one funny thing about this tree: you have to build it ‘from scratch’ every year.   You re-connect the trunk, put each of the individual branches into the tree trunk, replace the needles that have fallen off…

Have you seen one like this?  I could be way off on this, but I’m guessing that they don’t make this kind any more.

My husband always constructs the tree, and then my son and I decorate it… and we sure make a fun evening of it.  I have to admit, though, the actual construction and deconstruction of the tree can seem like a bit of a production sometimes.  So this year, I made a rather Scrooge-ish suggestion.

Since we were busy and a little tired, I offered that perhaps it was time to get a modern tree. Of course we wouldn’t get rid of our beloved tree!  Just give it a break for one season.  I mean, why not benefit from the technological advances that have surely been made over the last 35 years in the field of artificial Christmas tree assemblage!

Well.  Let’s just say that my son did not go for that idea.  And the truth is, I was kind of relieved.

I guess this tree, which is probably at least 35 years old,  has become a real tradition in our home.  Once we started to put it up, I immediately remembered why it was worth the effort.  What was I thinking?  I love this tree!  And we are officially in the holiday spirit now!

These little traditions really add something sweet to life, and they are part of what makes the season sparkle with charm.

How about you?  Do you have any beloved traditions? (Big or small)

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14 thoughts on “Little Family Traditions”

  1. Hi, Carina!
    I have already written a comment here once. But I was hurry to leave the work. So I guess I didn’t send it properly. It’s sad because I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas then, but now it’s little late for that.
    So, instead I wish you Happy New Year! 🙂

    I hope that you and your family had beautiful Christmastime.

    And what I wanted to also tell you previously: your Christmas tree is absolutely perfect. 🙂

    1. Hello Hanna! Thanks for leaving a second comment, as the first one never did go through. A belated Merry Christmas to you, too, and all the best as we head into the New Year! It was a lovely, busy break (as you can probably tell by the fact that I haven’t posted since before Christmas. But I will be posting soon as I have several posts almost ready.). Hope you enjoyed the season and that all is well. Take care! ☃

  2. Hi Carina – I loved reading this post during a heavy snow storm. We got dumped on yesterday. Love hearing about your constructing the tree and how your son wouldn’t let go of that tradition. What a wonderful tradition! We have many little traditions but I have to stop and think about what they actually are. We always have a Christmas brunch with a homemade coffee cake in our pajamas on Christmas morning. (And we open one gift at the table.) Everyone gets new pj’s on Christmas Eve. I always make sugared pecans for us and for gift baskets for friends. And peppermint bark. We must have peppermint bark!!! We get a real tree. (One year it fell over. Ouch.) And most years I make an ornament for each of the boys to have on their own trees someday. We go to see “A Christmas Carol” at our historic theater downtown before Christmas. And during Christmas school vacation, we all go out to breakfast at Parker’s Maple Barn – a restaurant out in the woods of NH that makes their own maple syrup and sausage. They also serve maple coffee. Well I’ve rambled on quite a bit, and I see many of our traditions have to do with FOOD! Not a bad thing. Wishing you and your wonderful family a beautiful Christmas season my friend. I love your old-fashioned tree and ornaments and the sentiments behind them. XOXO

    1. Dear Allie, I loved reading about all of your beautiful Christmas traditions! Your family must look forward to it all year. We tend to celebrate Christmas in a pretty low-key way, but still have such fun and make wonderful memories. “Christmas Carol” is one of our holiday traditions, too. I make a point of watching some movie version of it every December (and have also seen it performed in the theatre). One year, early in our marriage, my husband and I read the book to each other in the evenings. I simply love the story. So you guys got a heavy storm! Well, I hope you get the chance to stay warm and cozy at home till it passes. All the best to you and yours this holiday season, I hope you enjoy a wonderful time together. Xoxo

  3. What a cozy perfect tree and what a great story!! I am happy you are the custodian now, you and your family do it honor.Happy Holidays Carina, to you and your family!
    Xo Johanna

  4. I’m glad you still have that tree. I think it’s been around since at least 1982! I have fond memories of it too! It’s a very realistic looking one as well…

    1. Hello Ancient Mariner! So my estimates were correct! It’s true, once it’s all adorned, it really does look quite realistic. The branches even have “bark designs” on them. I am glad it’s around, too… it’s really lit up many a Christmas now!

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