How’s Your Summer So Far?

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My dear blogging Friends!  You may have noticed that I have been away from my keyboard for the last while, and I will be away for just a little bit longer, but I sure am looking forward to connecting with you again, soon!  In the meanwhile, I hope that you are all having a refreshing summer and enjoying it in your own way!


Before I go!  Here is an eclectic collection of ‘homey’ links, in case you are in the mood to explore the web a bit (and the links should work this time!):

transparent house?  

Her work and photographed spaces are the most repinned Pinterest posts ever: See Jennifer Harrison-Ciacchi’s inspiring home.

Feels like home to me.

Placemats: a neat idea, and a way to remember vacations.

Have you been noticing any of these home trends this year? (My bathtub stays!)

This was the first video I ever posted on

Would you live in a house like this? (It is surprisingly inviting and spacious!)

…(Or check out this tiny village!)

My unexpected discovery:  I’d love to live in the Flintstones house

For those who like this kind of thing, here are 8 really creepy secret rooms found in houses.

You can’t always trust your eyes!

(…Okay, the one above was not about homes or secret rooms, but it is a mystery to me!)

On a Final (Musical) Note:

This is such a fun song!  “Home“, by the indie pop band Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.

Growing up, my mom would play an eclectic range of music in our home – from classical to country.   That is how I came to love John Denver’s sweet melodies.  It was my mother’s favourite tape cassette (hehe, remember those?) for some time, and I remember Denver’s soothing voice frequently playing in the background of our everyday activities.

A different kind of song about summer and home…

Just for fun, a classic rock song

Thank you so much for the visit!  Take good care!  

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26 thoughts on “How’s Your Summer So Far?”

  1. Haha this is like a grand summary of your blog XD
    Really cool. Are you going on a vacation or?

    Sweet Home Alabama! Nice song, and very complicated guitar riffs lol- Still can’t figure out how to play it hahah!
    Do you know Free Bird? Also by Lynyrd Skynyrd 🙂
    Can check it out if you don’t, it’s pretty epic!

    Your pal,

    1. Hello! That tiny house does have a certain appeal, doesn’t it? I bet it’s also rather inexpensive in comparison to the average house, giving the owner more financial freedom. I can’t believe summer is almost over! I sure will miss it. I love warm weather. It has been a lovely summer, thank you, and I hope yours has been wonderful, too! Thanks for the visit. 🙂

  2. I have really enjoyed my summer and hope that you’re enjoying yours too! 🙂
    I opened these links in new tabs while reading and it caused my computer to freeze. I guess this means that I need more powerful machine. 😀 But at the meanwhile, I’ll explore these links one by one.
    Cheers! 🙂

    1. I am sorry to hear that your computer froze! I want to learn a bit more about how to create different kinds of links, to make it really user-friendly. I’m glad that you stopped by, and I hope you enjoy the links! Take care!

        1. I can relate. I was using an older computer when I first started blogging, but it actually got a bug so I had to buy a new one. The sad part was that I lost a bunch of writing I had not backed up, the happy part was that now I have a new computer! Ha! Glad you like the links and music, Hanna! 🙂

    1. That’s funny, I guess we might be similar in age. Anyhow, last year, I mentioned to a colleague at work that I liked John Denver’s music, and she told me that she is (was) not too distantly related to him (and she is very musical, too). No idea how this relates. Oh wait, I know! It shows that, in the end, we are all connected… To John Denver, that is. Lol. Thanks for the comment and visit. Say hi to Jay! 😉

  3. I like the glitter guide blog. I follow it too. Summer is relaxing for now. Congratulations on taking time off your blog! i am sure you will come back completely recharged!

    1. Actually, I just discovered that blog the other day – it looks interesting. Glad to hear that summer has been relaxing these days. I love summer! Take care and thanks for the comment.

  4. Lovely to have you here for a visit. had a cuppa tea and browser through all your links and we are kindred spirits in music! Enjoy your summer!!! Xo Johanna

    1. Hello Johanna! That is so great that you enjoyed the links… And that we are music kindreds. 😀 Thanks for the visit, and I hope you are having a wonderful summer, too. Xoxo

  5. Hi Carina – super to see your post in my inbox today. I know it must be a very busy summer for you. It has been for us as well, and my oldest son had hernia surgery a few weeks ago and that slowed us down some. But not for long. Kids are so resilient! I loved the song “Home” too, and I also will not be getting rid of my bathtub. Heavens. My bathtub is here to stay. How funny that people are tearing out bathtubs. Not me. Great to see what you’ve been thinking about…and last but not least, we had a church group from AL here last month — at the closing program of the children’s camp they helped us run, one of my friends Jonathan and his band “Fallen Houses” played Sweet Home Alabama as the grand finale to their outdoor concert. I have it recorded and would love to share it with you — but it is a Facebook link only – not sure how to do that. They did a super job. That song has quite a bit of meaning for us – my Jonathan (18) heads to Birmingham, AL for college in just a few weeks. Sniff. Have a wonderful week and thanks for this great post. XO

    1. Hi Allie! Oh no, I am sorry to hear the your eldest had to have surgery for a hernia. Good that he recovered quickly, I am guessing he got some of that resilience from his mama (and yes, youth helps, too)! I hear you, no tearing out my bathtub either. Ha! Can you imagine… Then, in 2017, bathtubs are all the rage again. Lol. Sweet Home, Alabama… What a blast to hear that song performed live (by talented friends, no less)! Nice coincidence that the song has a bit of personal significance for you. I imagine it will be one of those bitter-sweet, proud moments when your son goes off to college. They grow us so fast. I know, it’s a total cliche to say it, but it’s a cliche for a reason: it’s true! Thanks for the visit, Allie, and take care. XO

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