This is one of my favourite pictures because it captures such a genuine moment of shared laughter and joy.  It’s my son when he was about 9 months old, and we had stopped to get gas while on a road trip.

 “Laughter is an instant vacation.”

Milton Berle

Hurrah… It’s Friday!  Do you have any plans?  We’ve had a busy week around here, and I think we’re just going to relax after supper, and watch some comedies.

This has got me thinking that it would be fun to head into the weekend with a focus on laughter.  So today, I’ll share some ideas, links, quotes, and yes… even jokes from around the web.

“I try to find a reason to laugh each day.  Somehow, if you can incorporate laughter into your day, every day, it really helps.  It’s the little things in life that make me happy. “

Faith Hill

I love to laugh… and who doesn’t, really?  Scientists have even observed that some other animal species engage in laughter, too.  Did you know that?  I didn’t, until I researched laughter for this post.  I guess it proves that everyone loves to laugh.  And why shouldn’t we?  I can’t speak for the other species, but I do know that laughing is a wonderful way to enrich our human life.  

Laughing relaxes us, and helps us regain perpective. It is like nature’s reset button.

In fact, there have been a few difficult times in my life when the laughter reset button has helped me… in my sleep!  I call them my laughing dreams.  I’ve only had a few, but they are surprisingly therapeutic.  In these dreams, some little thing will trigger my laughter.  It’s usually something that isn’t really that funny, but in the dream, it seems absolutely hilarious.  I laugh until my stomach muscles ache and tears are rolling down my cheeks.  Isn’t that a delightful dream?  Has anyone else ever had these?  I wake up with a fresher perspective, feeling relaxed, as if I’d just had one of the best belly laughs ever.

 “Laughter is important, not only because it makes us happy, it also has actual health benefits.  And that’s because laughter completely engages the body and releases the mind.  It connects us to others, and that in itself has a healing effect.”

Marlo Thomas 

Laughter is a way to connect with people we love, and a way to gel new friendships.

Laughter can also help us to defuse conflict and soften awkward situations.  Like the time someone at work ripped his pants (loudly).  As the leader of the group, my immediate reaction was to laugh kindly, smile at him and the group, and say, “These things happen… Good thing you’re among friends.”  Silence would have made the incident far more awkward, while laughter was able to soften the embarrassment.  The laughter became a source of support, recognizing that these things can happen to any of us.

“I believe in the power of laughter and tears as an antidote to hatred and terror.”

Charles Chaplin 

Here are some links about laughter.  Why not relax over a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee, and check some of these out:  

Have you heard of this documentary?  I am curious to see it.

The Power of Laughter.  He gets a standing ovation at the end of this Ted Talk.  

Can you detect the different kinds of laughter? The very funny cognitive neuroscientist Sophie Scott shares many surprising facts about laughter.

This man helps people who are in rehab heal by getting them hooked on laughter.

A CNN news clip about  Laughter Yoga.

Want to try laughter yoga? Try this.   Warning: it looks silly. Very.  But I have to tell you this quick story!  The other day, my son was really grumpy about something.  I had just watched this video, so I said, “Hey, maybe we can try laughing yoga to improve your mood!”  I started to do one of the exercises.  He thought I was crazy and refused to participate, but the whole situation was so ridiculous, that soon laughter was bubbling out of him, as hard as he tried to keep a sullen expression on his face.  Within two minutes, his mood had completely changed and we were talking about our day.  So… maybe laughter yoga does work!

Four jokes and some reflection on humour.

Here are “50 terrible, quick jokes that’ll get you a laugh on demand“.  I have to admit, I haven’t read them all!  But I have included a sampler of the jokes, below, because 6 of these jokes are probably quite enough:  😉 


1) It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.

2) If you want to catch a squirrel just climb a tree and act like a nut.

3) Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like banana.

4) My friend recently got crushed by a pile of books, but he’s only got his shelf to blame.

5) What’s the best part about living in Switzerland? Not sure, but the flag is a big plus.

6) What did Jay-Z call his girlfriend before they got married? Feyoncé.

Thanks for stopping by home  Have a great weekend!  

I just got one last thing, I urge all of you, all of you, to enjoy your life, the precious moments you have.  To spend each day with some laughter and some thought, to get you’re emotions going.

Jim Valvano

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16 thoughts on “Laughter”

  1. Laughter is a major part of my life. I am always laughing and trying to make others laugh with small jokes. It is my way of communicating.
    I have thought about this so much because one of the characteristics that I look in new friends is sense of humor, don’t you?
    Also, that photo of your sun is so very beautiful in so many ways, a real treasure. Loved the post!

    1. Hi Mila! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. What a fun way to view life, to consider humour as an integral part of communicating and interacting with others. I love that.
      I do appreciate a sense of humour in my friends, and I am lucky to also come from a family with a good sense of humour. My brothers are both hilarious! And my husband and my son both make me laugh regularly. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment about my son’s picture – it always warms my heart to see that photograph. Take care!

  2. Hi Carina,

    “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like banana.” – LOL.

    Hey, how did you ever manage to have those “laughing dreams”? I’d certainly want those, too. In fact, I even guess I’m gonna have it tonight! (I think it’s working its way to my subconscious now.)

    Laughter is a gift, really. It’s so easy to do. It’s contagious. It’s free! Laughter is life, laughter is love 🙂

    Thanks, Carina.

    1. Good question- I had my first laughing dream when I was a teenager, and have had a few since… They seem to be a way for my subconscious to help me during difficult times, but I never tried to have them. They just happened. Please do let me know if you do have one! I would love for everyone to have them. I agree that laughter is a gift! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    1. Hi Jay! Laughing is great… asleep or awake. I have to share this (you are a movie reviewer, so you’ll appreciate the cameo appearance): After writing this post, I guess laughing was on my mind because I dreamt that we (my family and I) were all in the kitchen with Steve Martin, and he was making us all laugh, and I thought (in the dream), “Gosh, we are so lucky to be such good friends with a comedian. He really makes us laugh!”. Isn’t that hilarious! Alas, I don’t know Steve Martin, but I sure laughed watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels when I was a teenager. 😉

  3. Dear friend, I have read your post three times now and each time I start to comment and get pulled away by this or that. Gotta LAUGH!!!! Right? Loved this post. Boy do I love to laugh and do I ever NEED it. Went to bed last night after reading this post wondering if I would dream and laugh. Never happened to me before. And it didn’t last night. You are lucky to have that experience. I’m sure it is quite a tension release. I have definitely laughed ’til I cried, but while I was awake. And that is wonderful too. Loved all the quotes and especially that picture of your little guy at the top. So precious. Laughter is good for the soul. Have a wonderful week and may it be filled with joy and laughter. xoxo

    1. Dear Allie, thanks for the visit! Laughing until you cry is a wonderful experience, isn’t it? Whether awake or asleep. 🙂 And you said it – sometimes one NEEDS a good laugh, and sometimes you just GOTTA laugh at the things that happen! I am glad you enjoyed the quotes. That is the first picture of my son that I’ve ever put on my blog. Take care – your comment brightened my day.

  4. Wonderful post! I have woken myself by laughing over a dream. When I had breast cancer, I watched funny movie after funny movie. As Roger Rabbit put it, sometimes a laugh is all you’ve got. Finally, what an adorable picture of your son. He certainly was a darling baby.

    1. Hi Laurie, I am sorry I didn’t respond to this comment sooner, I just discovered it – I am having technical difficulties recently, and it had gone straight to spam for some reason! Thanks for the visit and the commemt. I was so happy to read on your blog that you got such good news from your doctor recently. It is wonderful that laughter helped you through those tough times. Thanks, my son is 12 now! It’s hard to believe how time flies. You take good care, Laurie. 🙂

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