A Beautiful Mess

“At the worst, a house unkept cannot be so distressing as a life unlived.”

Dame Rose Macaulay ((1881-1958)

An Oil-Pastel Drawing I made last year.
A space that allows us to grow and express ourselves is truly a thing of beauty, and that is one of the ideas behind this oil pastel drawing.

My grandma used to smile sometimes with a shrug of her shoulders and refer to the famous piece of French wisdom, “It’s a beautiful mess”.  Her home was always wonderfully kept; a welcoming place full of flowers and fresh baking.  But this attitude helped her enjoy her grandchildren and embrace life’s imperfections.

Because life comes first, and there is a real wisdom in arranging our priorities and our spaces with that in mind.


A home doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect.  It doesn’t have to sport the most stylish and expensive decor.  It doesn’t have to be spotless.

Displaying special items collected through our experiences can be an inexpensive and uplifting way to decorate.

The real joy comes from creating a space where we can live fully.  A place that expresses who we are, and that enables us to do the things that really matter to us.

After all, there is a profound beauty in living life well.


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Hi! So glad you stopped by my little blog, where I joyfully embrace creativity. Here, at Home... hurrah!, I celebrate the beauty and depth of everyday moments, explore what life has to teach us, and share some of the interesting things I see and learn along the way. Thanks for the visit!

18 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess”

  1. What a great sentence – “It’s a beautiful mess”!
    It’s good to remind us once in a while what is more important and what is less. I’ve always liked one quote from one of my favourite book: ”…there were more important things to worry about than dust bunnies under the beds or fallen leaves piling up on the porch”. 🙂

    1. Hi Hanna- thanks for the visit! It’s true, remembering our priorities helps keep things in perspective. I’m curious now which book that quote is from, it actually sounds familiar. Take care, and thanks for sharing here. 🙂

  2. How I love the pictures in your post!! Your work? It is a post after my own heart. I love my home, my house. I love creating a true home, always have. My working career started with a two year training to become a professional housekeeper and I worked at big farms and likewise households were mom was too sick to look after home and family. I loved it!!!!
    I like it tidy and uncluttered and cozy but I have to admit that over the years I had to ‘let go’ of some OCD and nowadays I can sit and knit comfortably with windows that carry sweet nose prints from Charley and other ‘beautiful mess’. Xo Johanna

    1. Hi, Johanna- thank you so much! (Yes, it is my work) I love the pictures of the decor in your home that you share on your blog. It really is the kind of space I relish: the mid century furniture, the coziness, and creative expression of yourself (oh those lamps!!). Charley’s “sweet nose prints” 🙂 lovely! Yes, it is about striking that right balance for ourselves. Take care! Xo

  3. I’m in love with the pictures in this post! Inspires me to declutter and clean up. Btw how do I follow you through wordpress? I don’t seem to see that option.

    1. Awww – Thanks for the visit and the sweet comment. 🙂 Hmmm… I am not sure why it isn’t letting you follow (I will check and let you know), if you’d like there is also a subscription at the side bar. Take care!

    1. Hi Bekki. Thank you for the comment. I really enjoyed making that first drawing. It looks small, but it was actually the biggest of the four, and I worked a little bit on it each day. It was from my imagination and somehow very satisfying.

  4. Dear Carina, I loved the quote at the top so much. Had not heard it before. Yes, a life un-lived would be the real tragedy. I love your grandmother already. Flowers and baking… two things I hold dear. Do hope you’ll tell me a little more about these drawings/pictures in your post today. I’m definitely intrigued by them. Just got back from Quebec City for a long weekend, thought of you. And what a lovely time we had. Loved the cobblestone streets and the European flavor and feel. xo

    1. Dear Allie, how exciting! A little get-away to Canada… Quebec! 🙂 I am glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself, and will be so interested to read all about it (if you decide to share it on your blog). I have to admit, I love that quote, too. I suspect you and my grandmother would’ve gotten along famously had you met, you both have a lot in common. Regarding the drawings, the first one is actually the most recent and the biggest, but for some reason actually looks like the smallest! I did it in oil pastel and it is from my imagination (the fish was my son’s beloved first pet Betta). The second drawing was a rather quick study done in markers. The third drawing was a sketch I couldn’t resist making at my aunt’s cottage – she had bought that beautiful jug and bowl (and they were quite big) at a yard sale near her property while out on a walk. That jug and bowl looked so rustic and perfect in the cottage. The last one was another quick study I did in oil pastel in my sketchbook. Thanks for asking. It was great to hear from you, thanks for the visit and the comment. Enjoy the week! xo

      1. Oh thank you Carina. I’m so glad to hear about your pictures. I felt certain they must be yours but I wasn’t 100% on that. I love them all, the bright colors of the oil pastel. I love love love the stacked dishes. The jug and bowl is lovely, and she bought it out on her walk. Love it!!! My Grammy was quite a yard sale aficionado. Seriously. And I adore the table and chairs. How I’d love to be sitting at that table. The blue is perfect!

        1. Awe, thanks Allie – I appreciate the kind words. (Ps – I guess I should be a bit more clear! Unless I specify somewhere in the post, the images are mine. Thanks for the feedback.) Take care! Xo

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