My Costume Jewelry, A Collage, A Laugh… and Two Organizational Tips


Organizational Tip # 1:

As a formerly messy person who (long ago) decluttered her home and became quite organized, I have learned a lot over the years about how to stay organized.  One simple thing I’ve noticed that really helps me keep my space (at work and at home) looking good is this: wherever little pockets of clutter build up, that’s exactly where there is a storage need that has to be addressed.

Whenever I start to notice that there is an area in the house, or in my workspace, where “stuff” starts to build up, I pay attention.  What kind of stuff is it?  Do I need it?  If yes, what would be the easiest way to keep it organized?

Usually, the place where that clutter builds up is also the most logical place to create the storage solution.  Maybe this is really obvious to some people, but it took me a while to figure this out.  And boy does it have its benefits.

The (Unexpected) Benefits of Organizing My Costume Jewelry:


Recently, I noticed that my jewelry was collecting messily on top of my dresser.  My old system was clearly not working anymore, so I decided to reorganize it.  I wasn’t particularly creative about my new system, and maybe at some point I will beautify it more, but I will give myself credit – I sure was practical.

I bought an elegant black jewelry tree for 15.00$ (What a deal!  And I wound up buying a second one, too, when I realized just how much jewelry was stored in my boxes on a shelf).  I spent quite a few hours sorting through all of my old jewelry, but when I was done, I had a real sense of satisfaction.


First, there were the obvious benefits:

– I’ve cleared out more space on my shelves.

– The top of my dresser now feels oh-so-zen.

– It is easy to find the jewelry that I want to wear.  Bonus:  It isn’t tangled up in a big knot!

Usually, I don’t wear much jewelry.  I just have a couple of earrings that I like, a couple of necklaces, and I wear them on shuffle and repeat. But after organizing all of my old jewelry, I discovered the following…

unexpected benefits:

– I found some fun pieces that I had completely forgotten about.

– I found some cool thrift store finds from my university days that I had never even worn.

– Most surprisingly, it is amazing to me how by adding one accessory, I can tie together an outfit that might not have worked without it.  Having all of these forgotten pieces of jewelry out in the open where I can remember I have them has made dressing in the mornings way more fun!

– I’ve saved money!  I have more outfit combinations, and I don’t need to buy much jewelry!

As you can see, organizing something as simple as my jewelry has helped change the way I feel about my bedroom, and it’s helped me get more creative… and not only with my wardrobe.

Another unexpected benefit:

–  There was also a small portion of jewelry that was not wearable (broken in a small way), but still had fun designs and colours. Those pieces went into a plastic ziplock bag, and into my studio.  On the day after I decluttered, I used some of that old, damaged jewelry to make a collage.  It wasn’t the first time I’ve used old jewelry in my art, but it sure was fun.


By the way, I called my little collage “The Tragic Transformation”.  Can you guess why?  It’s a bit of a statement on our culture of consumption. The comedy stand-up routine by Seinfeld (below) actually explains my thinking behind the piece.  It’s a pretty funny bit, but the message is quite thought-provoking.

Organizational tip # 2: 

Seinfeld says in the stand-up routine linked below, “All things on earth only exist in different stages of becoming garbage.  [Our] homes are a garbage processing centre where [we] buy new things, bring them into our houses, and slowly ‘crappify’ them over time…”.

That is part of the reason why, whenever I declutter and organize, I am reminded of the most important tip for keeping clutter to a minimum:  It’s a good idea to be aware of what I bring into my house in the first place, and buy less stuff to begin with.  

The less stuff we buy, the less resources from nature that we use and the less garbage we create.  

A Laugh…


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10 thoughts on “My Costume Jewelry, A Collage, A Laugh… and Two Organizational Tips”

  1. Carina,

    Organization is one of my biggest problems. My house is in constant disarray. How did you become a former messy person? did you just make the decision to change? or something triggered it?
    In any case, I love the tips, and will follow them.

    1. Hola Mila! That is such a good question – let me think about that and maybe I will even do a post to answer it well. I will have to look at my journals from that time. I think part of it came from inspiration from a book! Thanks so much for the visit and the good question! 🙂

  2. I always try to remember that organization is not black or white. I don’t think that you either are, or are not, organized. It’s an endless process with me somewhere in the middle. This thought takes a lot of pressure off for me.

  3. Nice post! I really like the way you went from the particular—organizing jewelry—to a big idea—how we collect too much stuff, with a stop at the very funny Jerry S. along the way. Finally, your collage is terrific.

  4. Hi Allie. Thanks so much for the visit. Ahhh … The office. That’s always a challenge! I have to say that sometimes my desk (and other spaces) get away on me, too. Keeping organized is such an ongoing process, for sure. And sometimes what works for one stage of your life suddenly doesn’t seem to work anymore and needs rethinking. Your plan to redo your office sounds like it will double as a great reward for getting your current office organized! Sounds exciting. 🙂 That is one nice sister to help you organize your jewelry! Thank you for the comment- I enjoyed reading it. Have a great week – hope you are all doing well.

  5. Hi Carina. Oh I laughed. I just love Jerry. And there is quite a grain of truth to his humor here. It was good to hear your organizational tips. I’m glad you can’t see my office desk right now. It is NOT pretty. So many papers and supplies need organizing and I keep “talking” about re-doing my office but won’t allow myself to until all that crap is put away and organized!!!! Ha ha. So this hit close to home for me. One of the few things I have actually successfully organized is my jewelry. Surprise surprise. And that is only because my sister got me a large jewelry armoire that mounts on the wall in the corner of my bedroom. She knew I needed serious help a few years ago!!!! I loved how you actually used some of the pieces in a collage. You are so artistic — I am still thinking about that clever jumping into the wind sketch of yours from the last post. Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your family! XO

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