Letting Go

Working in the backyard, I notice again the bike leaning in a corner, up against the large wooden play structure.  It’s starting to look rusty, sitting there all of this time.

My son has outgrown this bike, I think to myself. Somehow I keep it here, waiting to make a decision about it.

Donate it? It’s not in good enough shape at this point.  Sell it on Kijiji?  The amount of effort that would take is hardly worth the 10$ I might get for it.

I roll it over past the front gate, onto the boulevard.  It’s later in the day, the sun is getting lower in the sky.  Using my cell phone, I take a few snapshots.

The neighbours’ daughter stops on her way to get the mail, asks me about the bike.  It’s a special bike, I tell her.  I inwardly notice that she looks more like a young lady now, rather than the girl she was three years ago when we first moved into this home.  She moves on.  I take a few more pictures.


I turn around, start walking towards the gate, and haven’t even reached it when I hear a car stop on the street behind me.  A woman is already putting the bicycle into her mini-van.  “It’s free?”, she confirms.

“Yes.  Just needs some oil.”

She nods confidently, “Oh, we’ll be able to fix it.” Adding, “My son is 8”.  We smile at each other.

“Enjoy.”  I wave and slowly start walking toward the gate again.

That bike looked so big when we first got it.  I am astounded at how quickly and permanently time has passed to change my perspective.  Today, that same bike looks small.

And now, another eight year old boy will be excited to get it, excited to ride it through the neighbourhood and park.

Much better than watching those memories rust in the backyard.




Last weekend, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, so Monday was a holiday.  Grateful for a day to relax, I started to pen this post right after breakfast.  That was when my son came into the room and told me that his ear was aching terribly.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that he was in excruciating pain.  I decided we better not risk waiting, and called a Quick Care Clinic. They were able to schedule us for an appointment within less than two hours of my call.  It was the first time we had visited one of these facilities, a new form of care recently innovated by the government of Manitoba.

The Quick Care Centre idea is brilliantly simple:  In order to alleviate the wait times at hospital and emergency units, the provincial government has created Quick Care Clinics to deal with less urgent, non life threatening situations.  They are staffed with nurse practitioners who can prescribe a limited range of medications. It was actually a pleasant place to be – clean, bright, and very efficient.  And free of charge.

That was not exactly how we had planned to spend our holiday Monday, but I sure felt grateful that I could get my son competent, caring help quickly, even on a holiday.  In a world where there is so much heartbreak, I don’t take our good fortune for granted.

The best news is that my son is feeling better now.  The earache turned out to be a virus that resolved itself without anything but some painkillers, rest, and time.


I am happy to say that the rest of the weekend was the good kind of busy.  On Sunday, we had family over for a special Thanksgiving dinner at our home.

In preparation, I spent the day giving the house a much needed cleaning. September found me taking care of many things, and I’ll admit that cleaning was not regularly on top of that list.  I enjoyed taking the time last Sunday to re-focus my energies on the home front.

My  husband loves to cook, and not just on special occasions! That’s a fact that’s high on my “grateful for…” list.  So on Sunday, he prepared supper.

Ooh… It’s starting to brown up.

That succulent rotisserie turkey you see on the gas barbecue is his work. And he made all the fixings to go with it – mashed potatoes, stuffing, even home-made cranberry sauce, which I absolutely love.  I was so excited to taste the turkey that it never occurred to me to take a picture of the feast set on the table… until I was doing dishes.  Oh well!

What a supper!  I think that was the most delicious turkey I’ve tried yet.

It’s almost ready!

The weather was beautiful on Sunday, but late into the evening, the winds picked up to 80-90 Km per hour (Again!).  From the living room window we all watched.  It looked like a blizzard, but rather than snow, the whole sky was thick with what seemed like endless yellow leaves wildly animated by the wind!

When I woke up the next morning, I looked out the window and noticed that the elms – only yesterday bright with warm hues – were now mostly bare.  Bleh.  The colours of fall never seem to last that long around here!

Now, it seems I blinked, and today is already Friday!  Thanksgiving is gone, but I am as grateful as ever for my husband, son, and family; for my cozy home; my dear friends, all the awesome people that are a part of my life.

And yes, that includes you.

The fleeting beauty of autumn leaves against a bright, blue Manitoba sky.
The fleeting beauty of autumn leaves against a bright, blue Manitoba sky.

PS: Today’s featured image is from a digital collection of old pictures sent to me, last spring, by my eldest brother.