Sweet Summer Winds Are What I’ll Remember Most.

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Stand By For The Weather…

“By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with summer’s best of weather, and autumn’s best of cheer.”

Helen Hunt Jackson

This is the last weekend of the summer, and what a send off. We couldn’t have asked for a more radiant Saturday.

I went for a bike ride to enjoy this beautiful Saturday. Birds gathering to migrate, colourful trees, unbelievably blue skies.

We were so lucky this summer.  The weather here was wonderful – lots of sunny, hot spells and soft breezes – basically, the kind of weather I love most.  I mean really, really love.  (Honestly, the air conditioner doesn’t get much use around our home).

Even when it rained, the storms lasted only a few hours, maybe a day or two, and then we were back to heat and sunshine for a good stretch of time.   The thing that was strange, though, is that the storms we did have seemed to be so powerful.

We had very few ‘soft summer rains’.

So, while most of the days were like this…


the storms that came and went were electrically charged, with strong winds, and  heavy rains belting down rather fiercely.  You could see plenty of evidence of these powerful storms in the lake region near Winnipeg: Felled trees and branches throughout the area.  Parts of the main beach at Winnipeg Beach were closed off for the whole season due to the damage.

Strong storms causing damage in the Interlake Region.
A common sight this summer – strong storms causing damage in the Interlake Region.

In fact, one afternoon out at the lake, when we were inside, a crack of thunder pierced the air so loudly that I froze (ears covered- ouch). It seemed to keep on going… a white light iluminating the whole room while the force of the sound seemed to rattle everything.

When the storm was over, we went outside to see what had happened.  Remarkably, there wasn’t any significant damage. None!  Yet the lightning must have struck extremely close.  We thought for sure we would find a charred tree outside the door!


A reader, Julia, shared with me this pictures of a stormy morning out by lake Winnipeg.
A reader, Julia, took this picture when she was out for a walk by Lake Winnipeg on a stormy morning..

There have even been several tornadoes in the province (…not entirely unusual in the prairies).  One funnel cloud touched down in southwestern Manitoba for around three hours.  Now that is rare.  In Canada, funnel clouds normally only touch down for a few minutes, at most.   The tornado lashed trees, farmlands, and roads.  Miraculously, despite its duration, it did not go through any towns or cities, and caused no major injuries.

We also had a funnel cloud touch down near Winnipeg Beach.  They call it a waterspout when a tornado happens on the water. This one also briefly made it’s way to land.  Again, thankfully, no one was hurt and there was only minimal damage.

I am so glad that there were no major injuries caused by the severe weather, though the trend is worrisome.

Have you experienced any extreme weather in your area?

When I look back on summer 2015, though, soft warm winds are what I will remember most.

One spring day, four colourful, huge kites were dancing in the soft wind, against a radiant blue sky.
One spring day, four colourful, huge kites were dancing in the soft wind, against a radiant blue sky.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I can’t wait to share my next post with you!

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10 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Winds Are What I’ll Remember Most.”

  1. Weather is so crucial for us also.,since we are currently facing heavy rain during this winter season.the whole weather has got jiggled..glad to know that you were surviving the situations .. Have a great weekend dear 🙂

    1. Sorry to hear that you are facing heavy rains – that can be difficult. May I ask where you are from? Yes- we are grateful that there haven’t been any serious injuries. Thank you for stopping by and for the comment – have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. So glad to hear you survived the storms. Wow! a three hour tornado – can’t believe we Brits moan about a bit of rain – although of course the flooding can be devastating, we do tend to complain about the slightest drop – as if it’s a surprise that it rains in the UK. Such beautiful blues in your sunny photos 🙂

    1. Hi Bekki, thanks for stopping by. Yes, we were pretty lucky to be out of harm’s way. Glad you guys don’t have to worry about tornados out there. They are not too common normally, but still very scary. (And sometimes we get flooding here,too, due to the spring melt!) But what an amazing summer over-all. I guess the sun and warmth compensates for some of the other things! 🙂 Take care, Bekki!

  3. Dear Carina, I was delighted to find your post in my inbox tonight. I love hearing what’s going on with you up in Winnipeg. Your photos are absolutely stunning. Jon and I were just talking about the weather and how beautiful it was here today. It was homecoming weekend for my high school boys and we’ve been up north at soccer games all day. But in the next day or too, fall will be arriving here. Crisp cool nights. Sweater weather. Don’t know why I didn’t hear about that tornado in Manitoba. Thankfully no significant damage. No soft summer rains….huh? You know how I like Soft Spring Rain…. 🙂 I’m glad you had a wonderful summer and sweet summer winds….Have a beautiful weekend with your family. XOXO

    1. Hi Allie, thanks for the visit. Glad you like the pictures. 🙂 The first two I took this Saturday while on my bikeride…I didn’t get very far because I kept stopping for pictures, but I had a great time. Sounds like your family is busy this weekend! Hope you all enjoyed it; glad the weather cooperated Out there as well. Ps: yes… Here’s to gentle spring rains. 🙂

  4. Oh Carina, I absolutely love the way you find such pleasure in simple, every day happenings. It’s so nice to be reminded that what truly gives life meaning isn’t found in electrons bouncing around in our screens but outside our doors.
    Indeed that lighting strike could have been very close, but may have been from cloud to cloud right above your head.

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