Scribble Share: A New Friend Is in Town

I have two older brothers.  I get along extremely well with them, and I love their families to pieces.  One of them will be living far away for a year; left yesterday evening.  So I came up with this new little thing I am calling a “Scribble Share”…

A few days ago, I scribbled down this anecdote with some markers, and thought I would share it today, along with a few photographs.





photo 1.PNG


photo 2-4


photo 3-3


photo 4-4


photo 5-3


photo 1-3


photo 1-5




photo 2-5


photo 3-4

… Carlita is great with people, and loves kids.  Unfortunately, she is not so keen on other animals, which means walking her is not always as relaxing as one would like!

photo 5-4


photo 4-5


photo 1-6

I have to give my son credit, he has stepped up and is taking the dog for walks, and being very helpful.

…and he is already asking for his own dog for next year. (❕)

photo 2-6

Below, Carlita dries off after a swim in a pet-friendly beach.  I guess she needed to relax after seeing so many other  dogs!


Is that a squirrel?


If you think you might want to do a scribble share, have a go at it!  It’s pretty fun to do.  Please link it back here, I would love to check it out. 😃

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12 thoughts on “Scribble Share: A New Friend Is in Town”

    1. 🙂 Awe… I am glad you enjoyed reading it (and I am glad to be your sister, too!) By the way, I just saw the pictures of our brother’s house-for-the-year in France. (Mom Showed me). Wow, it really is a beautiful, old brick home with traditional architecture! Talk to you soon!

  1. I liked the way you posted this, and I liked the content as well. How nice for them to be off on an adventure. Will you visit them? Sweet dog. I’m a dog lover for sure.

    1. Hi! Yes, now that we have a dog around, I am reminded of why they say that dog is a man’s best friend. They are so fun, so happy to see you and love so unconditionally, it is hard not to be a dog fan. I don’t know if we’ll be going to France this time around, but we’ll see. Great to hear from you -thanks for stopping by.

  2. How nice for your brother and his family Carina! We had an opportunity to go to Scotland for a year in a similar situation, but it was more like a pulpit swap for a year. It couldn’t have worked because of where the kids were in life and where we were…but I was disappointed. I’m always up for an adventure and have always wanted to go to Scotland. Maybe someday. Meanwhile, Scribble Share is so cute…your creative mind has been percolating overtime….Carlita is very cute and I hope you have fun trying out a dog for a year…I wonder if she is missing her immediate family? Hope you have a great year helping out with her. I’m guessing your son is going to become very attached and may need a new little friend when Carlita goes home. XOXO

    1. Hi Allie! I agree that Scotland would be a fascinating place to visit. It is too bad that the Scotland exchange didn’t work out – so true that it does have to be the right time in life to be able to partake. You never do know, hopefully another opportunity will come up when the time is right for you guys. As for little Carlita, I think she does miss her family, but she was used to them going away on vacation now and then, so I think she figures they’ll be back for her eventually. In the meantime, she seems very happy and is enjoying all the extra attention. Your right, my son will probably want his own dog after Carlita leaves, so we are already thinking about which kind of dog might be a good match for us. Thanks so much for the visit and the thoughtful comment. 🙂

  3. Hi Carina. Enjoyed your scribble share – although I’m not sure my writing is legible enough to join in. Carlita is gorgeous! What a shame she doesn’t like other animals, it does make walking hard and you loose the sociable aspect of interaction with other dogs and owners – which is such a joy. Despite her lack of keenness Mr Hicks sends her a snuggle and says he’ll be her friend 🙂

    1. Haha! That’s great, I will tell her that for Mr.Hicks! She needs some dog friends! It is so true, it would be nice to stop and chat with people who are walking their dogs. Oh well, she has improved a little over the years (owing to the effort my brother, his family, and now we are putting in), but she still has a long way to go. Thanks for stopping by Bekki, I always enjoy hearing from you. 🙂

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