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It feels good to be writing again!  I have not posted in 28 days.  I just counted, and the number actually surprised me!  I started blogging at the end of November, and since then, I have always posted at least once a week, and often more.  Most months, 2 or 3 posts a week was the norm.

Back in November, as I was just starting this blog, I created the image below for my landing page (with the help of my 11 year old son).  It was a fun little project, completed on a big piece of paper early one afternoon, but I wound up not using it.  So today, as I ‘begin again’, I thought would be a good time to share it.


The other thing that has surprised me is how hard it is to start writing again.  When I was writing all of the time, sitting down to prepare another blog post came quite easily.  Having broken the momentum, though, it’s kind of awkward to begin again.  You know when you hear your own voice on a recording and think, “I sound like that?”  Writing for the first time in a while gives me a similar sensation.

So all this has got me thinking a bit about why I haven’t posted, and how staying at home, and leaving on a trip both play a part in the creative process.

On staying…

We can do simple things at home to create the environment we need. We can surround ourselves with books and quotes, images that inspire, and keepsakes that we love.  We can change the colours in our office, or get a brighter lightbulb for the desk.

In the famous words of Franz Kafka, “It isn’t necessary that you leave home.  Sit at your desk and listen.  Don’t even listen, just wait.  Don’t wait, be still and alone.  The whole world will offer itself to you.”

There is a value in knowing how to stay, especially in today’s world, which is constantly in motion.  Staying teaches us how to change our perspective so that familiarity does not become stale; to see the old through new eyes.   This requires and cultivates a certain creativity and ability to appreciate everyday moments.

On Going…

Still, it is invigorating to change our environment entirely every now and then, and go somewhere different.  Distance is the quickest prescription to refreshing and reviving our spirits, helping us see things in a new way.

The last 28 days for me have included some travel.  Nothing too exotic – we drove west through a couple of provinces to see the mountains (that’s where I took the first  picture of the sign) and visit family.  I haven’t been to the mountains for years, though, so I was excited about it, and I always love to see our families.  The 28 days also included a short period of intense work, as well as hosting out of town guests in our home.  Each of those 28 days was rich and meaningful. There were amusing moments, light with humour and laughter.  Other moments stirred thoughts about life, the passage of time, and even the meaning of bizarre coincidences (more on that soon).

I took this photograph from the passenger's window as we drove through Saskatchewan, "The land of the living sky".
I took this photograph from the passenger’s window as we drove through Saskatchewan, “The land of the living sky”.

In tandem…

It is only now that I am home again that I am ready to reflect on these experiences through writing.  In many ways, home is where I make meaning of the adventures that happen outside its doors.

Home is the firm base from where we can launch into our adventures, and home is often where the story is ready to be told after our return.  And whatever home might mean, and whether the story is a sad or joyful one – in so many ways, the story really does begin at home.


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Carina Spring

Hi! So glad you stopped by my little blog, where I joyfully embrace creativity. Here, at Home... hurrah!, I celebrate the beauty and depth of everyday moments, explore what life has to teach us, and share some of the interesting things I see and learn along the way. Thanks for the visit!

6 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Story Begins”

  1. Once again you give me the feeling of the ebb and flow of life so well. The contrast of motion and rest. And how they are both important and pleasurable. Glad you are back.

  2. Dear Carina – I loved this post so much. It was worth the wait! 🙂 I especially loved the title, Home is where the story begins… so true. I hope my children feel that way about our home. And that home has been an anchor for their stories…
    I’ve found when I take a little break from writing, I fear I may not be able to do it again. Is that weird? Like I might fail. And the truth is…I just might. And the world would keep on spinning.
    “Distance is the quickest prescription to refreshing and reviving our spirits, helping us see things in a new way.” That was my favorite line. Thank you for this thoughtful post Carina. I look forward to more.

    1. Hi Allie! I am certain your home is and will be the anchor for many exciting and fulfilling adventures for your boys – As evidenced by the wonderful stories that you share (and recipes!)over at your blog. So true – creative endeavours feel like a unique type of “risk”, and the world does keep spinning. It’s just so much more satisfying when you’ve had a chance to express, don’t you think? 🙂 Thanks so much for the visit – always great to hear from you.

  3. We just returned from vacation, and while we enjoyed it tremendously, home is where I feel at peace. And home is where our family also feels at peace. Everyone has their routines, their own space, friends, favorite items etc. We have spent the last six months working on updating some things in our home to truly make us comfortable in our space and we are really happy being there. I will treasure the memories from our trip, but I also treasure the comfort feeling of being at home.

    1. That is exactly how I feel: I treasure the memories from my adventures, but also treasure the comfort of home. Good for you for adjusting things in your home so that you can really feel comfortable and happy there. I find it is an on-going process for me, and I really enjoy it. I am hoping to organize my studio a bit more next. Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it!

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