The Aqua-marine Computer

Hello! Today’s post is being written from my new computer!  For the last while, I have been blogging from my phone!  It has been surprisingly effective, but I have missed using an actual computer!!

My old computer was 8 years old (at least), and was acting funny. It probably had a virus.   One day, it simply shut down and wouldn’t start up again.  I tried different things, but nothing worked.  Then, I waited, half expecting it to wake up, but it never did.

Goodbye old friend… and the stories that were lost along with you!  A cautionary note: back up all of your work!  In many ways, this experience was a lesson in letting go – not of the computer, but of the work that I had not backed up.  What surprises me is that I don’t feel upset.  Part of the reason might be that I was not particularly attached to most of the work I had saved to my hard-drive, though there were a few pieces I would have liked to develop further. Besides, I have not completely given up hope.  At some point, we might still find a way to fix that old computer.

In the end, though, I feel there was value in the process of writing those ideas, and what I learned will find its way into what I write in the future.  I miss a few of the pieces, but there is a freedom in releasing, instead of trying to hold on.


In truth, we had been thinking about replacing that old computer for quite a while, so last week we bought a new one.   We are still setting it up and learning how to use all of its features, so it will be a few days before I am up to speed.

Welcome new computer!  Yes, I know, that is a picture of a diary!  But it is sitting on top of the new computer. As you can see from this snap-shot, the computer is a beautiful aquamarine colour!  It makes sense to photograph my diary along with the computer because, in some ways, they work best in tandem!


I normally don’t care too much about such things, but I am really happy about the colour of my new computer. They call it teal, but it looks more like aquamarine to me, which is my favourite colour – and I am a pretty big fan of most colours,  so that is saying a lot.  I think that aquamarine will get me into the right frame of mind when I sit down to work!

I also came to a realization through this period of working without a lap-top.

For me, the process of writing has always started with pen and paper.  I would start by writing a good part of the rough copy on paper, and then transcribe those words into the computer, where I would develop the thoughts further.  In my time without a computer, though, I realized that, somewhere along the line, that has changed for me.

Don’t get me wrong, my writing process still involves a lot of interaction between the use of a pencil and the development of the idea on the computer.  I still write in my diary, and use it to jot down ideas, and to brainstorm.  However, the thoughts now flow easily when I sit down to write on my keyboard, and I certainly don’t need to start the rough draft in pencil (though I sometimes still do).  I don’t know when this change happened.  Years ago?  The fact is, though, that the practice of sitting down and writing intentionally seemed to happen a lot less without my keyboard around.

How about you?  Are paper and pencil an integral part of your creative process, or are you a techie all the way?

I am happy to have a working computer again, and I look forward to sharing my summer adventures and reflections with you!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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12 thoughts on “The Aqua-marine Computer”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this post. Congratulations on your beautiful new computer Carina. And kudos to you for blogging off a phone. That takes guts, you go girl. When I started blogging last November, my ancient computer died too, about two weeks into blogging. So I’d get up at 4 a.m. to borrow my husband Jon’s computer. Or I’d stay up super late and borrow it. Or both. That lasted for about three months, ’til a friend who owns a marketing company in Birmingham ordered 60 bottles of vanilla bean maple syrup (saw the recipe on my blog!) as Christmas gifts for his clients. I earned almost enough to buy my apple and finally got it in February of this past year. What a relief. Mine is only silver, though I have a lovely leather journal that is aquamarine. Not teal. Aquamarine. Giggle. My sister gave it to me and I love to use it to jot down story ideas when they come to me. She got it at a lovely little store, Grasmere: in Barrington,RI where she lives. I’m reminded of it because we passed by it several weeks ago when I was visiting. The funny story about my computer finally arriving is that I was wearing orange pants and my ratty old bathrobe at the kitchen counter when the FedEx man arrived. I really needed the computer and had to sign for it, so I had to answer the door. I wrote a story about that ridiculous experience for the blog called “Ratty ‘Ole Bathrobe”, and it made me laugh to write it. Worth the embarassment. Well, enough about me, my ugly orange pants and the ratty ole bathrobe. Hope your computer is a breeze to set up and work with, can’t wait to see what’s next…..

    1. Thanks Allie! 🙂 Your orange pants story was great, made me laugh – I will check it out on your blog! I also found your story to be inspiring – early hours and late nights, with a family, too – that takes a lot of determination and perserverence! Good for you for working through the set-backs. I am so glad that things worked out and that you were able to get a computer to fascilitate your work as a writer and blogger. I appreciate you sharing the story – loved reading it. Take care!

  2. Ha-ha! Your techie brother requires more data! What kind of computer? Processor? Hard Drive type and size? Memory? Operating system? Sheesh…. you artsy types! 🙂

    1. Lol! Oh… Come on, it is AQUA MARINE!

      Well, I am glad you are asking because I might enlist your help in resuscitating my old computer. (Navy blue). 😉

          1. No worries… I doubt anything could be done anyhow. Besides, I have my new Air to play with. 🙂 Take care!

  3. Congratulations on the arrival of your new computer. So impressed you’ve been blogging g from your phone. I like to write straight onto my laptop, but often end up scribbling on pieces of paper if I suddenly find an idea streaming through my brain.

    1. Thanks, Bekki. 🙂 I am happy to have it, though it might be ironic that I am replying to your comment right now using my phone! Haha maybe it’s become a habit. I am looking forward to typing on a proper keyboard and being able to create links! Always great to hear from you – Take care!

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