My Favorite Clutter

Several years ago, I de-cluttered my home. I discovered that the process was more about celebrating what you choose to keep than mourning what you decide to discard.

It turned out to be an exciting undertaking with joyful results. Our home felt relaxing, spacious and revived by a new energy.

I was so glad that others could benefit from the many items that we no longer needed, and thrilled to have re-discovered items that I had abandoned in my own basement.

My home was transformed. One treasure at a time, one change inspiring the next.  Our house became a place that celebrated our life and nourished us in new ways.

We have moved to a different house since then, and the experience of decluttering my previous home has profoundly affected how I am setting up my current home.

It has also inspired the new series I am introducing at home…hurrah!  It’s called My Favourite Clutter!  This series is about celebrating those special items – the ones that share our stories and express something unique about who we are.  The clutter that we love for whatever reason!



My Favourite Clutter 

A Mysterious Lakeside Treasure

When my son was about six years old, my husband and I took him on a drive out in the country, along a lake-side road.  Stopping here and there to explore,  we wound up finding a quiet, narrow, little beach, lined on one side with trees and bush. We stayed for a while, enjoying the air and peaceful view, while our son played in the rocky sand.  At one point, he stopped and ran excitedly toward us holding this object he’d found in the shoreline, where the water meets the rocky sand.




It was made of a heavy metal, and had clearly been around for a long time – deeply encrusted with rocks, and so rusted that it had an organic appearance.


On our way home, we had fun guessing what this object might be, and imagining what unusual circumstances could have brought it to its current state.

How long would it have taken for rocks to become so deeply embedded into the metal?

Any ideas?

My son was so proud to have found such a unique souvenir.   Now it happily adorns my studio, on a shelf amongst my plants, reminding me of a beautiful afternoon that is suddenly 5 years away; reminding me to pay attention to life as it happens.




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9 thoughts on “My Favorite Clutter”

  1. I loved this post and the unusual artifact your son found. I have four boys, one in particular who is always finding treasures. He always sees things in a different light. The other day he found some downy baby feather wings outside that were beautiful. Several years ago my dad gave me a very interesting decorative molded metal piece (small) he found while excavating the ruins of a the barn on his 1754 farmhouse property in RI. It cleaned up beautifully and I actually sprayed it with a clear shellac, it hangs from a ribbon on a doorknob in our house. So unusual, and tells story from my childhood home we’ll probably never know. But we can wonder and imagine.

    1. How wonderful about the feathers – it sounds like your son knows how to recognize treasures that other people might miss. 🙂 Also, what a special keepsake – an artifact from the ruins of a barn on your dad’s property! That’s neat! Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

  2. An interesting mystery! Looking at it, I wonder what the rivet-like structures at the corners are? Was it once a hinged device, maybe a fastener? Or could this have been part of a pulley assembly, with the little wheels on each corner? Or is this Lake Winnipeg’s version of the ?

    1. Lol! Seriously though, I think the hinged/ pulley theories are nice, but not as likely as the Antykythera Mechanism theory. However, I will check out the porthole idea, just to be sure…If you don’t see a post within two weeks, you’ll know which one was the right solution to our mystery. 😉

  3. Lovely story and such a unique reminder. So often more important to see the story (stories) behind an object than the object itself. I couldn’t agree more about the energy a good clutter clear brings – and important to recognise the stories behind the clutter you let go and what you are really releasing from your life along with it.

    1. That’s such a good point – maybe we are letting go of a lot more than just the object. In terms of the stories, I love to hear the stories behind people’s favourite objects, and eventually I would love to hear about other people’s “treasures” through this series. The process of decluttering took time and hard work, but was so worth the effort! Now I am also very mindful of what I bring into the house! Many thanks for the comment!

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