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Creativity starts by taking a leap,and authentically expressing who you are.

Do you lose yourself in your creative work?  I was visiting some of my favourite blogs, and they got me thinking about the quote below.  I copied it into my diary about a year ago, and thought it might be a good one to share.  

Most creative types have that inner critic that sometimes tells us we aren’t good enough, and – even worse- sometimes keeps us from doing the work that would most fully satisfy us.

Creativity starts with taking a leap, and authentically expressing who you are. Lose yourself in work that you love- juggling, writing, dancing, math- whatever.

This quote reminds me not to worry too much about whether I am  “good” or “bad”.   Rather, focus on the doing because during is what counts” and doing is how we improve. 

Here is the quote:

“Tell them to do and make

as many things as possible

and to NOT over analyze


and NOT care whether it’s

good or bad

and to not try and understand who they are

and what they are doing

because that always

matters at the end

but during is what counts

and doing

is what probably matters.”

By Greg Kletsel


 It was written whimsically on one of his illustrations, which I found here:


To read more on today’s subject, check out Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits:


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4 thoughts on “During is What Counts”

  1. Excellent reminder. So many people get stuck because they critique their work as they go along, instead of letting it flow. Ok maybe if you’re sewing a dress in hugely expensive fabric you need to keep a bit of a check on it, but certainly most creative endeavours are best carried out with a gag on the critical voice.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes- I agree, it really does depend on what kind of project you are working. I also think that when you cast that critic aside, and just become absorbed in the work, you naturally step back and reflect and react to your own work, but in a state of flow. Whenever I find myself becoming too critical or self-conscious, I stop. It means I’m tired and I’ll ruin my work.

    1. I can relate. Whenever I am working on an ongoing project, I become more distracted in general. It’s as if a big part of my brain is still absorbed in my project, even though I am doing something else! When you are a creative person, expressing is just part of being who you are. It’s hard when you can’t get to it. Thanks for sharing, Julie.

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