Where Do Snowmen Go At Night?

Post written by Carina Spring. 

Have you ever built a snowmen?  We haven’t built too many, but my son and I made one in our backyard this winter.  As you can see, our snowman wound up with an unintentional foreign flair.

Since then, we’ve had a few warm spells and then some light snow falls. Let’s just say that it’s best you only see the “before” picture – he is no longer in his prime.

Our neighbourhood seems to be full of snowmen this season.  Some are quite impressive – really big and colourful! Even after the weather challenges these Frosties have faced, a few of them are still smiling!

When my son was little, I used to read him a book called “Where Do Snowmen Go at Night?”  It was written in rhyme, a child’s humorous speculations about why snowmen look so melted and tired by the next morning. It was cute, and  quite hilarious.  I recommend it if you have kids!  Heck, it’s fun for adults, too! 😉

Do you have any favourite children’s books?  (From your childhood, or  your kids)

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4 thoughts on “Where Do Snowmen Go At Night?”

  1. The title sounds familiar, but I don’t remember reading it. Will have to look it up. Fab snowman. The last one I built – a couple of years ago when we had enough snow – was built with my former landlord, his wife and their 16 year old daughter. Snowmen a definitely aren’t just for kids.

      1. Looks like you got a LOT more snow than we did! Yesterday it was already gone by the time we woke up. Today there was a coplue cm left and the kids got out to play. I’ll post pictures on my blog later!Enjoy it while it lasts!!

        1. Hello Mirta. Thanks for the comment! As I respond to your email, and look outside my window, I see the spring is well on its way now, and almost no snow left! 🙂 Hopefully, I will soon be posting pictures of summer fun!

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