Awesome and Simple Friday Get-Togethers.

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What do you like to do on Friday nights? For us, Fridays have always been a special treat, and usually involve home-made pizza and watching a movie. I love that kind of Friday. 

Lately, though, we’ve changed things up a bit. We have added regular Friday get-togethers into the mix. Until recently, when we hosted dinners, we would always do it on Saturdays. Somehow that’s changing.  

Having friends over on a Friday makes me feel like I am starting a long weekend. When the evening is done, I marvel that it is even a workday! We’ve spent hours chatting and relaxing in the company of good friends, and we still have the whole weekend ahead! 

Everyone is different, but here are a few things that have tipped the scales for us in favour of Friday get-togethers:

1) We keep it simple. Most times, we order in so dishes and cooking are minimal.

2) There is an understanding that it will be a pretty casual evening.  It’s Friday, we’ve worked all week, so the house won’t be perfect. It’s about genuinely enjoying and connecting with each other, not impressing each other.

3) We’re all pretty tired, so things wrap up early. Everyone wants to be rested for the next day in order to really enjoy Saturday.

4) Often, we hang out and even dine in the family room at the back. With soft couches and big windows, it’s an invitation to get comfy and let the week go.

We still love Saturday dinners every now and then, but they are a different experience. Finding a way to visit on Fridays has meant that we can see everyone more often, and we still have time to pursue our interests and get some rest on the weekend.

No matter what I am doing, Friday holds a special place on the weekday calendar.

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6 thoughts on “Awesome and Simple Friday Get-Togethers.”

  1. Great points here. Get togethers are the most pleasant when they are simple and involve little stress. No need to make it fancy, formal, and no need for the house to be sparkling clean if you have people over. Easier said than done…

    1. I agree, sometimes it is easier said than done depending on the week you’ve had. One time, when we were travelling, we met a couple from Bermuda. I’ll always remember what the lady said, “Our house was always a bit messy growing up, and when people would be coming over, my mom would say ~Take us as we come.~” I always admired that confidence! I’m not quite that confident though, so I keep my house relatively uncluttered, then it never gets too messy. I target clean the bathroom and tidy up a bit before people arrive. Then, I look at any imperfections and try to remember: “Oh well, take us as we come.” 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  2. It does sound nice. I’ve been thinking of having people over more often. Last week, I invited people over. Two other couples. I made a big pot of soup and homemade bread (using a bread machine…so it really was simple). Unfortunately, there was a blizzard, so no one ended up coming after all. That was okay though. We had delicious soup for a few days.

    I just read your baby it’s cold outside post. I don’t live in Canada….but I live close to the Canadian border. This morning my thermometer said -8. (No wind chill factored in). Stay warm!

    1. Homemade bread and soup- that sounds wonderful! I can relate to your story. One time, my husband cooked a big feast for a dinner party, but there was a HUGE blizzard (They were calling it the blizzard of the century). No one could come, so we invited a neighbour from the building (we lived in an apartment). He was overjoyed and thought it was a miracle that he lucked into such a feast. Thanks for the comment!

  3. That sounds great. I suppose the key is to do whatever you enjoy and helps you unwind. There certainly are Fridays when I prefer to just relax in front of the t.v., too. Take care!

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