What Do You Get If You Cross A Cool Tradition, A Few Laughs, and Something a Little Bizarre?

Answer:  Today’s Blog Post.

A Cool Tradition

I found this cartoon series the other day: “Comics from life in Argentina.”  An American lady shares her experience dating an Argentine man.  The cartoon is a quick, fun read, and interestingly relates to the concept of home, moving, and family.

Click on this link to learn about the tradition of the “almuerzo familiar”… and bring the familia!


A Few Laughs

Need a quick laugh?  Click on the link below and pick from your favourite cartoon strips.  There are lots to choose from!


Perhaps you prefer to marathon-watch a classic comedy series of the tv variety?  Then check out the list of 101 best written tv series. The list was created by the Writers Guild of America, and includes some great comedies (and many other genres, too!) that you might love to watch on a winter weekend.  Are there any shows that you think should have been included, but weren’t?

Hmmm…. I wonder if there is a Canadian list?


A Little Bizarre

Okay, I don’t even know how to introduce this one. It’s a long article, but really is an unusual story. Keeley’s idea of home is definitely different than the average.


The above image is used with permission from the author of Supper Sunday and The Nib – sarahglidden.com. 

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Get If You Cross A Cool Tradition, A Few Laughs, and Something a Little Bizarre?”

    1. Actually, the Simpsons is toward the top of the list at number 11. I am amazed that they are still producing new episodes! I haven’t watched The Simpsons for years. Is it still funny after two decades? I’ll have to look into it, but I am guessing that has to be some kind of a record for a show’s longevity! Thanks for visiting!

    2. Love the idea of Waffle Wednesdays, but chagrined to tell you my first thoghut was, Too bad there’s no day of the week that starts with C’ for Cereal day. Praying for you as you awaken to Him during the Challenge. Thanks for sharing your post!

      1. The system duplicated this comment, so I also answered it under “A Toast to Saturday”. I enjoyed the comment! Thanks for sharing!

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