Philippe Petite and an Inspirational TED Talk.

“I had to make a decision to shift my weight from the foot anchored to the building to the foot anchored on the wire.”

The quote above is from a film I watched a few years ago, called “Man on Wire.” It is a documentary that shares the story of the incredibly talented Philippe Petit, and his breath-taking tight-rope walk across the Twin Towers. I love the above words because, in some ways, they symbolize what we all do when we take a chance, when we put ourselves out there, when we try something new.  We may not be risking our life, but we still must make a decision to step forward from the safe into the unkown.

I found the documentary fascinating – the true story of a man following with courage his unusual vocation.  Today, I want to share one of my favourite TED talks.  Philippe Petit sums up his creative life in 20 minutes.  It is really worth a listen.  Inspirational and so entertaining!

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