Another Song Called “Home”

Phillip Phillips, Greg Holden, and “Home” Videos.

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This song, “Home”, is from a few years back. The talented Phillip Phillips, winner of the 11th season of American Idol, made it famous as his coronation song and debut single. The song was co-written by Greg Holden and Drew Pearson, who produced it

A friend recently told me, “This song settles me.”  I agree – it’s a comforting song.

Maybe you’ll enjoy a relaxing listen – click on the links below. 

I am posting two videos for you:

The first one is Phillip Phillips’ official video.   The images of rainy windows and distant mountains, in the video, remind me a bit of road trips to the mountains when I was growing up.   I remember the first time I saw the mountains – it felt like coming home in a way that no other place ever has… but that’s a topic for another post.

BTW: The comedy “Parental guidance” plays this song at the end of the movie.  


The second video features Greg Holden, the co-writer of this song, performing it live. That video was posted on Youtube by Greg Holden himself. The footage shows a great performance by Holden, but the camera is a bit shaky at parts. That’s when I just close my eyes and listen.

I am curious to know: What do you think of Greg Holden’s version? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.








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